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LayerSlider WORDPRESS plugin V6.3.0 Nulled Free download   LayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose animation platform. Slideshows & image galleries with mind-blowing effects, gorgeously animated... Download LayerSlider V6.3.0 WordPress plugin For Free

LayerSlider WORDPRESS plugin V6.3.0 Nulled Free download


LayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose animation platform. Slideshows & image galleries with mind-blowing effects, gorgeously animated landing pages & page blocks, or even a full website can be created using LayerSlider. Every website can benefit from the capabilities of this plugin.

The drag and drop visual editor makes it really easy for everyone to get started using LayerSlider. No coding or technical skills required. The ever growing selection of importable templates are an ideal starting point for new projects and they cover every common use case from personal to corporate business. They are carefully crafted, aesthetically pleasing and can be easily customize to fit for any needs.

Great support and frequent updates ensure to make the most out of your purchase.

Changes is LayerSlider 6.3.0

Introducing a new premium feature: Revisions. Have a peace of mind knowing that your slider edits are always safe and you can revert back unwanted changes or faulty saves at any time. This feature serves not just as a backup solution, but a complete version control system where you can visually compare the changes you have made along the way.

Additional changes:
Improved compatibility with *really old* and outdated slider versions.
Fixed rare issues when copy-pasting layers across slides and sliders.
Improved Auto-fit option in Slider Builder.

Changes is LayerSlider 6.2.2

This update fixes an API issue introduced in the previous release.

Changes is LayerSlider 6.2.1

This update contains important security fixes. We strongly encourage everyone to install it as soon as possible. [Thanks to WpHutte – for reporting.]

New features
Added option to choose whether the slide link should be on top or underneath layers.
The Template Store can now import slider packs. Stay tuned, they’re arriving soon!
The System Status now checks the install location of LayerSlider and warns you about potential issues (if any).
Added slide deeplink names to the LayerSlider API.
Lots of improvements in importing sliders.
The premium features notification now lists the exact premium features being used in sliders.
Bug fixes
Important security fixes.
Fixed slide linking that has accidentally been broken by our previous update.
Fixed an issue in IE11, which caused the browser to jump to the top of the page after slide change in some cases.
Fixed video overlay image position preview on the admin interface.

Changes in LayerSlider 6.2.0

New features
Introducing a new premium feature: Blend modes. Blend modes are an easy way to add eye-catching effects and is one of the most frequently used features in graphic and print design.
The admin UI now warns against potential issues when selecting certain options, which are commonly misunderstood and would result unexpected behavior.
Added OSD notifications for certain keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl/Cmd + S for saving the slider) and a corresponding setting under Screen Options to enable/disable this feature.
Added layerslider_root_url filter to override paths. Check the Developer Documentation for more information.

Improved compatibility with older sliders.
Improved handling of font variants when importing Google Fonts from templates.
Certain number input fields are now stepping in more appropriate intervals when pressing the arrow buttons.
Updated and extended some parts of the documentation.

Bug fixes
A massive update for multimedia layers:
Fixed video size and positioning issues, which was present in rare edge cases.
Fixed occasional playback issues with videos being on the first slide.
Fixed the slideshow not progressing forward in cases when there was only one video layer on the slide.
Hiding a media layer with the Device support feature will now also disable media playback on the corresponding devices. In addition, background videos will also show the video poster image as a fallback. This enhances user experience on mobile devices that has limited playback capabilities due to OS/browser restrictions.
Various minor bug fixes and improvements.
Fixed image chooser when using the “Use post image” option.
Fixed the “Use post URL” option in linking fields.
Fixed the Slider Settings -> Appearance -> Global background image option to always use the appropriate URL.
Fixed the “Use GreenSock (GSAP) sandboxing” option not always taking effect.
Fixed an issue that could empty your Google Fonts collection when reinstalling the plugin.
Fixed a rare issue that affected users trying to change settings in the Advanced Settings section without having sliders.
Fixed issues caused by applying text transitions on non-text layers
General UI and under the hood improvements and bug fixes



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